Duke University

PhD Student, Department of Computer Science

I'm a PhD student working with Amanda Randles on personalized computational fluid dynamics simulations of the human circulatory system.

My interests include parallel computing and medicine.

Before Duke I spent 5 years working with several startups as a full-stack software developer. During my professional career I became increasingly interested in medical/healthcare applications and started the development studio Digital Clinix through which I collaborated with medical researchers from Harvard, NYU, Yale, and USCD on algorithmic decision making software that helps clinicians choose safer, more effective treatments for their patients.

Below is a collection of projects I worked in the preceding 5 years. Each an invaluable experience where I made close friends and had the opportunity to tackle technical challenges.

* image above is courtesy of Liam Krauss, LLNL and Randles Lab.


Lead dev of iOS App. Mobile Framework engineer

Moat develops advertisement analytics tools to measure ad effectiveness and content engagement.

Their partners include The New York Times, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, and many other large companies.

I developed their iOS app Moat Search (Objective-C, Swift), a mobile optimized version of Moat's web Ad Search.

I also work as a Moat mobile framework engineer (Objective-C/iOS, Java/Android, Javascript) allowing partners to integrate Moat features in their own apps.

Maim Street

Lead Programmer

Welcome to the world of John Stopman, the busiest civil servant in town. Save as many people as you can, but you might have to shrug off a few fatalities. Maim Street is a frantic game where you learn that you can’t be everything for everyone.

Maim Street has been featured in the App Store and was downloaded over 100,000 times in its first week. It's available for free on iOS and Android and offers in-app purchases..

Worked with the creative minds behind AmazingSuperPowers as the lead programmer of the studio So Choice Softworks. We are currently deep into development our next game, Waynesaw.

Programmed the game (C#/Unity) and a simple backend for storing records and purchases (Python/Django).


Developer of renter and manager iOS apps

Knock helps residential property managers provide better customer service to prospective renters throughout the leasing process. Marketing and leasing teams rely on Knock to market their properties online, respond to questions and follow-ups, schedule and organize tours, and better communicate throughout the leasing process.

Knock has two iOS apps (Objective-C), both of which I built from the ground up. The Knock Pro app allows property managers to message prospects, set up tours, and advertise their properties. The Knock Renter app helps users find apartments and homes for rent, schedule tours, and message landlords.


Creator and developer

Seeing the impact of Aspirin Guide and MenoPro and the struggle of clinicians to follow a growing number of complex, frequently changing medical guidelines, I began work on Flow. With Flow, creating helpful clinical decision-support tools doesn't require programming or obscure technical skills. Using its simple drag & drop interface you build intuitive flow chart models of your decision-making algorithm. Flow then automatically converts your model into a fully functional application that you can share instantly as a website or iOS/Android app. The output application is HTML/JavaScript so can be shared almost anywhere.

Flow itself is written in JavaScript and HTML.

Aspirin Guide

Developer of iOS, Android, and Web apps

Developed with researchers at Harvard Medical School, Aspirin Guide helps clinicians decide which patients are candidates for the use of low-dose aspirin in the primary prevention of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease by balancing the ASCVD benefits against the risk of harm due to gastrointestinal or other bleeding.

Aspirin Guide is available for iOS, Android, and on the web at AspirinGuide.com.

A paper on Aspirin Guide was published in the JAMA, a high-impact, peer-reviewed journal.

Coded the iOS app (Objective-C, Swift) and the Android and web apps (React, Javascript, HTML, CSS).

Silver Score

Developer of Web and iOS apps

Developed with researchers at NYU School of Medicine and Yale University School of Medicine, SilverScore is a calculator for predicted readmission risk among older patients hospitalized for acute myocardial infarction. It also includes a calculator for predicted risk of mortality.

Aspirin Guide is available for iOS, and on the web at SilverScore.org.

Coded the web and iOS app (React, Javascript, HTML, CSS).


Lead developer of iOS app

Fast and organized messaging for the workplace. Badge has the speed of a mobile messaging app with the detailed info of a company directory.

Coded the iOS app (Objective-C).


iOS Developer

Waggle is a live-streaming video app similar to Twitter's Periscope but for all things animals. It is the second project after Canary I worked on with Broadway Video, the company that produces SNL, The Tonight Show, and Portlandia.

Coded the first version of the iOS app (Objective-C and Swift) between 05/2015 and 05/2016 and helped with the transition to a full-time development team.


Original cofounder, iOS and backend developer

Hanging out with friends is great but wrangling them together can be a drag. Jasjit Singh and I created Hotspot to make this process less painful.

Hotspot then evolved into a deals app where users are rewarded money off drinks and food for inviting their friends to join them at a bar or restaurant.

Coded the iOS app (Objective-C) and the backend (Python/Django).


Lead developer of iOS app

Anonymously share insider news, thoughts, and rumors with your co-workers. From Broadway Video, the company that produces SNL, The Tonight Show, and Portlandia.

Coded the iOS app (Objective-C).

MenoPro by NAMS

Developer of iOS and Android apps

Developed together with the North American Menopause Society (NAMS), MenoPro is designed to help clinicians and women/patients work together to personalize treatment decisions based on the patient’s personal preferences (e.g., hormonal vs non-hormonal treatment options) and her medical history and risk factors. The app has two modes, one for clinicians and one for patients, to facilitate shared decision making.

Coded the iOS (Objective-C) and Android (Java) apps.

Happy Hours by Hotspot

Developer of iOS app and backend

Are you cheap and thirsty? There's an app for that.

There were a bunch of happy hour apps before us but they had big problems. Most had outdated or incomplete happy hour lists, were littered with ads, and none had costumer review and price info from Yelp or Foursquare, which I always look for when checking out a new place.

So Jasjit Singh and I created our own happy hours app. Now I complain about the price of drinks a lot less often than the average New Yorker.

Coded the iOS app (Objective-C) and the backend (Python/Django).


Quadstreaker is a passive location, lifelogging app that encourages exploring the physical world. It automatically builds a life map of the neighborhoods, cities, and countries you've visited and allows you to compete with others to become the greatest explorer.

Quadstreaker makes it more fun to check out new neighborhoods and take different routes to work.

I racked up 13,129 quads on my road trip from Seattle to Boston. Beat that.

Coded the iOS app from June 2012-December 2013

Jeff Ames Quadstreaker US Map Jeff Ames Quadstreaker Feed Jeff Ames Quadstreaker Europe Jeff Ames Quadstreaker Screen glasses


Mutuality was originally website for meeting new people who you shared mutual friends with. Jasjit Singh, Kamran Munshi, and I started it shortly after moving to Seattle with the naïve hope of curing our loneliness with technology.

Unfortunately Mutuality didn't spawn many friendships. Users chatted and lurked but not many met up in real life. To fix this, we focused the site on meeting up for activities, like hikes and bar hopping. Eventually we decided to focus entirely on real life meetups and thus was born Hotspot.

Coded the backend in Django. Also coded the iOS app which never saw the light of day :(

Jeff Ames Mutuality Beacon Jeff Ames Mutuality browse Jeff Ames Mutuality Match Jeff Ames Mutuality Ask About